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We (Octopus Rewards Ltd.) intend to use your email address, contact number and Octopus number(only partial number will be displayed in our marketing materials) to provide you with promotional offers of Octopus Cards Limited's products and services, as well as Reward$ issuance and/or redemption offers from Octopus Rewards Partners (Marketing Subjects) who provide the following classes of products, facilities or services (whether through physical or online channels):

  • Consumer products and services
  • Entertainment / recreation
  • Financial, banking and credit cards
  • Online auction, lifestyle information, group buying, purchase, trading and payment platforms
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation and travel

However, we will not use your above mentioned data to send you our promotional offers unless we have received your consent.

Should you find the intended use of your above mentioned personal data not acceptable, please indicate your objection by ticking the appropriate box(es) below. We will execute your instruction without charge.

Should you find the intended use of your above mentioned personal data on certain classes of Marketing Subjects not acceptable, please indicate your objection by ticking the appropriate box(es) below:

If you have registered as member of Octopus Rewards Programme with another Octopus, you will need to arrange opt-out for that Octopus separately.

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Octopus processes 13 million transactions a day, valued at over HK$140 million.

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